Order by Fax or Email

Order by fax or Email

Access to our retailers database can be ordered by sector for all countries, or by country for all sectors or by one country-one sector combinations. The database covers all European countries except mini states Monaco, Andorra and Liechtenstein. Next to Europe we cover many major industrialized countries now and the database is still growing. By subscribing to the Retail-Index you will obtain the most recent information for the period of one year. Upon request we will supply the key address/phone/fax/internet data as an Excel file for your convenience without extra charge. 

In addition to the database all subscribers have access to our subscriber service desk for further assistance or information exceeding the database. 

Ordering access to Retail Index can be done in 3 ways:

Payment can be done by bank transfer or credit card.


Full access to all countries for
1 year per sector:

Full access to all sectors for
1 year per country:

1475 euro
All retailers in France
1375 euro
1575 euro
All retailers in Germany
1675 euro
Consumer Electronics
1275 euro
All retailers in Italy
1275 euro
Footwear & Leather
875 euro
All retailers in the Netherlands
 1175 euro
725 euro
All retailers in Poland
  975 euro
DIY & Gardening
1125 euro
All retailers in Spain
1275 euro
Personal Care
875 euro
All retailers in the UK
1475 euro
Sport & Leisure
495 euro
495 euro
All retailers in  Russia 
1475 euro
495 euro
All retailers in the USA
1675 euro
Books & Magazines
675 euro
more countries: see list online  
875 euro
1 country/ one sector
195 euro
Home Ware
675 euro
All retailers in all countries
7800 euro
Jewellery & Watches
595 euro
Toys & Games
775 euro
675 euro
575 euro


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