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Our company background

Veraart Research Group is a specialist supplier of management information on consumer markets, especially retail. Our mission is to supply managers with up-to-date key information on retail markets and support them in their international expansion. The roots of our company lead back to 1964 when we started as a market research and marketing consulting company for consumer products and services. In 1989 we started publishing written reports on various retail sectors in Europe. Since 2005 we publish our information on retailers through our online database Retail-Index.

Although these fields always were the focus of our business activities we also execute tailor-made research in the form of marketing consulting and distributor search as well as small scale store checks abroad.

In the past many customers have used our support to successfully expand their market position internationally. Our clients can be found all over the world with the results of our tailored projects visible in many places including the supermarket at the corner of your street. A sample of our clients can be seen at <this page>

The main sectors of our activities and expertise are:
Food, Foodservice, Fast food, Fashion, Footwear, Consumer Electronics, DIY, Furniture, Personal Care, Sport & Leisure, Petrol, Books, Optical, Home Ware, Jewellery, Baby Ware, Toys & Games, Telecom, Pet Care.

We are constantly keeping our databases up-to-date. This is not an easy task in sometimes fast changing markets. Nevertheless we make a continuous research commitment on the data in our databases.

As our vast knowledge does not always fit into the concept of our databases we offer additional advice and assistance to our subscribers directly via our service desk.

Six times a year we issue the free newsletter “Focus on Retailers in Europe” reporting on the latest developments of retailers in Europe. In each newsletter we publish free market information and relevant articles that might be of interest to you.

We work with international researchers who speak several languages and know their home markets. Together with our international research team we have extensive knowledge of especially the European markets and look forward to support you in your international expansion.

Please contact us for further information at mail@veraart-research.com or call us at  +31 62 000 6058 

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