Top ranking retailers in Europe

Rankings and profiles of the top retailers in Europe

We focus on Europe, with more than 7000 merchants.  The retailers of each country are divided into 18 sectors and are thereafter ranked by their current turnover. We also present a detailed profile for each retailer separately. Rankings are made by sector and by country.

Europe consists of more than 741 million people living in 48 states. Their wealth varies greatly, but overall the poorest of these states still rank well above the world average of GDP per capita and general living standards. Therefore, Europe is often named the most important retail region worldwide.

As can be expected, the biggest retail companies in Europe are located in the well-established western countries and the vast majority operate in the food sector. When taking a look at the top 10 retailers with regards to revenue, you will find that 5 of them are German, 3 are French and 2 are from the United Kingdom.

The indisputable number one is the German Schwarz-Gruppe(owner of Lidl), with a turnover of over €100 billion. They are followed by Aldi, Tesco and Carrefour, who all reported a yearly revenue exceeding €60 billion.

IkeaEuronics and online retailers Amazon and Otto are examples of companies outside the food sector with revenue comparable to the food merchants named above. Online retailing has experienced the highest growth in sales in the recent years, with an annual increase of up to 40% for Amazon alone. Even though this growth will almost certainly slow down in the coming years, Amazon is expected to double its turnover in 3 to 4 years. This would mean that they will surpass the Schwarz-Gruppe as the biggest retailer in Europe by 2022.

At the right hand side of this page we present the top 30 European retailers by turnover value.

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