Rankings and profiles of the top retailers in Europe

Our database covers around 9,000 retailers. The focus is on Europe with more than 6,800 firms, but we have recently increased the base of companies from countries of Asia and America including China, Japan, the US and Canada. Retailers of each country are ranked by turnover for each of the 18 retail sectors. For each retailer, we present a detailed profile.

Europe comprises more than 731 million people in 48 states. The wealth of these states varies widely, but in general terms the poorest are well above the world average in per capita GDP and living standards. This makes Europe the most important retail region worldwide.

The biggest retail companies in Europe are all from well-established western countries, and the vast majority operate in the food sector. Among the top 10 in turnover value, five companies are from Germany, three from France and two from the UK.

The indisputable number one is German Lidl owner Schwarz-Gruppe, with a turnover of €79 billion. Metro Group, Tesco, and Carrefour follow next, all of them with turnovers of more than €50 billion.

Remarkable exceptions to the food rule include Ikea, Euronics, and pure online retailers Amazon and Otto. Online retailing has experienced the highest growth in sales in recent years, with annual increases of up to +40% in the case of Amazon. Growth will slow down in the coming years, but the company is expected to double up its turnover value in 3-4 years, and eventually surpass Schwarz-Gruppe as the biggest retailer in Europe by 2021.

On the right, we present the top 25 retailers in turnover value in Europe.

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