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Rankings and profiles of the top retailers in Italy

Our database contains 250 Italian retailers and chains, which are ranked by turnover in each of the 18 sectors. For each retailer, a detailed profile is available.

Italy was severely hit by the economic crisis. In 2009, the GDP of the country shrunk an unprecedented -5.5%, and public debt has increased to reach 126% of the GDP in 2012. The country remains the fourth-largest economy in Europe, but it has progressively lost the confidence of investors. In 2011, a coalition government increased the VAT, and cut down public spending as part of an austerity package to reduce budget deficits and public debt.

Italy is divided into a developed industrial north, dominated by private companies; and a less developed, highly subsidized, agricultural south, with high unemployment and a sizeable black market. The economy is driven in large part by family-owned, small and medium-sized enterprises, manufacturers of high-quality consumer goods.

The top 10 retailers we present on the left include exclusively food providers. All of them are originally and 100% Italian except Carrefour, Auchan, and Conad, which operates in partnership with

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