Top 100 E-Commerce Retailers in Europe

As E-commerce is a key part of the current retail landscape, we believe it deserves a prominent role in our database on European retail. The overall trend is that online sales in Europe are mainly generated by companies selling consumer electronics, fashion, homeware, personal care products and footwear. However, e-commerce orders in food via delivery and pick-up points is rapidly growing. The main reason now is the Corona crisis forcing people to keep a safe distance to each other. Fastest growth is now food, consumer electronics and DIY.

Please find below the top 15 E-Commerce retailers in Europe from our E-commerce top 100 list, ranked by their online turnover (sales) generated in 2019. Net Sales '19 refers to the total sales generated in Europe in 2019, both online and offline. Whereas the percentages show how much of the sales (in 2019) was made online. 

The complete list with 100 E-Commerce Retailers in Europe is available for purchase on the Price & Order page.