Personal Care Retailers in Europe

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Rankings and profiles of Drugstore and Perfumery retailers in Europe

For each country simular rankings are provided covering all the major personal care retailers. This database covers all major retailers in Europe and some major countries outside Europe. The total number of personal care retailers (drugstores, perfumeries, pharmacies) in the database grows because every day new retailer profiles are added. The current number of retailers in the database can easily be seen via the search menu at Home & Search. For each retailer a full profile is available. Via the home page other retail sectors are accessible.

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Retail-Index contains all key information about international and national personal care chains, including data on turnover and numbers of stores and their banners. The focus is on the retailers in the European countries such as Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain etc. but also most other countries are included. Countries like USA, China, Japan etc. are given but do not offer full coverage yet. We are presently working on completion and update of the personal care retailers.

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You can also go to the Home & Search and select countries yourself. For each country the number of full retailer profiles in the database is shown.

Rankings and profiles are given in the same style for all retail companies, sectors and countries. Clicking on the profile provides the name, headquarter address, phone, fax, management, company website, turnover development, banners, number of stores and much other relevant information. For multinational retailers the address of the headoffices in each country is reported as well as local manager(s). When new retail sectors are added we always start with the European countries followed by major countries outside Europe.

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