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Rankings and profiles of the top retailers in Spain

Our database contains more than 460 retail chains that operate in Spain. Retailers are ranked by turnover for each of the 18 retail sectors. For each retailer, we present a detailed profile.

The financial crisis has been particularly harsh in Spain, and this has translated into a dramatic drop on household expenditure. Since 2008, the government has increased taxes on consumption such as the VAT or excise taxes in an attempt to refill state coffers. This has caused a higher decrease on economic activity.

In spite of it all, some companies have continued to grow. This is the case of food providers Mercadona and DIA, and of the German giant of consumer electronics Media Markt, part of the Metro Group. On the other side of the balance, well established businesses such as El Corte Inglés or Carrefour have witnessed major shake-ups.

On the right, we present the top 10 retailers in turnover value in Spain. As in most countries, food is the dominant industry.

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